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Welcome to the home of Axel J Moeller, Professional Illustrator, Logo Design and Cartoonist.


Most of my novels and writing are based in the fantasy world of Au'Wuld. With my take of these classic characters of Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, Trolls and Dragons, I spin the tales of those who live and die in the magical world. Most of my stories revolve around the Wanderers Legion, a league of Sorcerers and Battle Mages who protect the Human Realm of Cathias from the evils of the ShadowWuld.


I have illustrated my novels but there is far more to drawing, art and illustration than can be told in a fantasy tale. I have included comic book work, cartoon illustration and fine art from my days as a student of Printmaking. Pencils, pen and ink, graphite and the latest tool of computer illustration: imagery to suit a buisness logo or a novel cover.


There will also be pages about me,  past and current clients, price lists for illustration and my contact information.  Peruse my resume and feel free to contact me for a kind word or to hire out my talents. Please enjoy the website. Axel.

High Lord Bora, Mistress of the Chasm Verdant


"The Races of Humans, Dwarves and Elves have learned the arts of war. In battle we shall stand strong and in doing so ultimately fail. It is a treacherous evil we face, an evil we created, an evil that exists inside all of us. To fight this darkness with spells of death and swords of blood makes no sense.

Is that not what began this evil in the first place?"




Please feel free to contact the artist at icedrake@hotmail.com